HOURS: Tuesday-Thursday 11A-7P, Friday-Saturday 11A-8P, Sunday 12-7P
Closed Mondays
Catering - (612) 326-0430
2141 Cliff Road Eagan, MN 55122


Our Process

Our focus is always on the food using our very own secret family recipes, our own special rub mix of 17 herbs and spices, and serving our own 8 hand crafted signature sauces.


Smoked Meat
To make it legendary we always  start with the best! We know where all our meat comes from and how it's raised. We hold close ties with all our suppliers and constantly conduct quality checks to ensure we are preparing & serving the best Q'.


Handcrafted Sides
Our family has always been known for our crating! We know our way around a kitchen and have fine tuned some of the best southern style comfort food. We serve our family's Q' know how to bring you some of the tastiest BBQ sides you have every tasted.


Handcrafted Sauces
Our family has developed its own signature sauces that compliment our smoking process. When it comes to pairing we are the Q' experts! We have traveled all across the United states to craft sauces that exemplify BBQ capitals. We have eight signature sauces that are all unique and distinguish our Q' from the rest.
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BBQ Dry Rub
We have developed  and passed down our own dry rub that compliment our Rack Shack Process. When it comes to pairing we are the Q' experts! Our Old No. 17 Dry Rub is used on almost everything we smoke. Click to learn more about this secret Rack Shack Rub!