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St Paulie Honey BBQ Chx Thighs

This is really quick and easy and costs about $12 at the grocery store to buy all the ingredients. The kids also like this so it’s a score. Made dinner plus leftovers for a family of 5.

You need:

1 8 pack of bone-in chicken thighs
1 lb of baby carrots
1 lb of Yukon Gold potatoes quartered
1 sweet onion peeled and sliced
Old #17 Rub
1/4 cup St Paulie
2 tbsp of honey
1 oz oil

Preheat oven to 375°
Rub all sides of thighs with Old #17. Mix together honey and St Paulie sauce. Cut and quarter the potatoes. Make sure water is gone from the carrots bag before you dump those on your pan. Peel and cut the onion. Place chicken around the pan and fill in space with remaining ingredients. With your honey bbq mix brush or spoon onto each thigh. Don’t go too thick to start. Drizzle potatoes and carrots lightly with oil and season entire tray with salt and pepper before heading into the preheated oven. Bake for 45 mins and check. You may brush a little more honey bbq on the chicken. Add 15 more minutes for 1 hour total to crisp up and be a crowd-pleaser.

Plate up and enjoy!

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